Those We Leave Behind Part 1

Boots crunching on errant rocks upon a mountain pass, the sky bleeding a glorious, russet sunset above, a disheveled man stumbled his way towards a distant copse of pines. Behind him spread a seemingly endless prairie that had been his home for the entirety of his life, a life he must now leave behind, a home he could never see again. The name Campbell, his families name, would forever be soiled upon the plains now thanks to a short-fused reaction to an insult given. If only that cowpoke hadn’t pulled his gun. If only he hadn’t had a shot too many of whiskey much too strong. To dream was for naught however, and now the man, Joshua by name, was on the run. 

The Only One Worthy

Alessia watched from the balcony of the castle as the long column of victorious soldiers filed through the city gates far below. At their head, she knew, though she couldn’t see him clearly from her vigil, rode her brother, Marius.