The Resolution

Just after dawn, a woman in jogging attire left her suburban home and made her steady way down the leaf-dusted sidewalk of her neighborhood towards the distant sounds of heavy traffic that would lead her into the city proper. Though the sky was grey, and the scent of rain hung heavy in the air, she was undeterred. She did this every morning, it kept her sane, and she wasn’t about to let a little rain dissuade her. In any case, she had business in the city that day that she was duty-bound to see through. Her name was Mindy and by the decree of a New Year's resolution she had made whilst curled on the couch sipping champagne while her two children slept beside her, watching the ball drop through a half-tipsy haze, she would not spend another year wallowing in single self-pity. No, that year she would throw caution to the wind, grab fate by the balls, slap cupid in his stupid cherub face, or at the very least go on a couple dates. Such was her calling that autumn morn, many months since her resolution had been made. She had a date.