Chapter Four: One Way or Another

Rendrick awoke slowly from his slumber. Having had little rest since he and his companions had first entered Cloakwood, a fact they had likewise noticed, it had been insisted upon that Keira and Tiberius would split the watch that night, allowing the Ranger a much-needed full nights sleep. Though he had been against their proposition at first, he had relented when even Katarina joined in on their behalf. Waking now, grogginess fogging his mind and a stiffness clinging to his limbs, he knew that one full night's sleep had not been nearly enough.

Chapter 12: Cleave to Me

uiding Shadowflight off the streets of Baldur’s Gate, Lystra urged her mare down a side alley beside the Elfsong Tavern. Her course led her to a small yard at the Inn’s back where a four-horse stable stood against the far wall. It was rare that all of the stalls were taken in the Elfsong’s stable as most who patronized the establishment were denizens of the city and so had no need to stable their mounts there. Currently, she saw, only one other horse resided there and her eyes narrowed at the sight of it, not due to any action by the horse itself but more so because she could guess whose horse it was. If what Jaryn had told her on the road was true, she knew that the black beast in the stable could be none other than the horse of the Harper Master Jherek for the Elfsong was a favored haunt of his while he was in the city.

Chapter 13: The Open Road Beckons Once More

At long last, after over a mile of rugged grasslands traversed at a quick pace, Rendrick and Tiberius made it to the relative safety of the eaves of Cloakwood. Over the course of their escape, Tiberius had regained much of his faculties and now sported a hastily wrapped bandage about his brow to help stem the steady flow of blood that dripped from his head wound.

Chapter 16: Duty and Action

Well before the breaking of the dawn, Rendrick Trotter crawled forth from the burrow in which he and his companions passed the night. It had been cramped within the small cave and so, as soon as he was free of its confines, he stretched, multiple cracks sounding throughout his body as he did. As soon as this was done he cast his gaze about the darkened grotto around him, his nose and ears twitching in an attempt to discover anything amiss. Coming up with nothing, he slunk off into the surrounding woods, a collection of their small companies’ waterskins clutched in his hand.