Chapter 12: Cleave to Me

uiding Shadowflight off the streets of Baldur’s Gate, Lystra urged her mare down a side alley beside the Elfsong Tavern. Her course led her to a small yard at the Inn’s back where a four-horse stable stood against the far wall. It was rare that all of the stalls were taken in the Elfsong’s stable as most who patronized the establishment were denizens of the city and so had no need to stable their mounts there. Currently, she saw, only one other horse resided there and her eyes narrowed at the sight of it, not due to any action by the horse itself but more so because she could guess whose horse it was. If what Jaryn had told her on the road was true, she knew that the black beast in the stable could be none other than the horse of the Harper Master Jherek for the Elfsong was a favored haunt of his while he was in the city.

Chapter 14: Finding Common Ground

Despite the continual foul weather, Lystra had to admit that her ride east along the Tradeway was almost pleasant given the unexpected company of Kivan. Though the majority of her travels were on her own, which was how she preferred it in the wilds, there was just something about riding with another on the open road that made the experience all the more enjoyable.

Chapter 15: The Key to the Castle

After their meeting concluded and those assembled dispersed to their chambers, or other duties, Viconia made her way swiftly to her chambers within the keep. She was eager to be away from the distrustful gazes of Nors and Eltan’s pet wizard, and especially keen to be rid of the Ranger’s piercing eyes. She wondered if he had perfected such a look, or if it were something that came naturally to a man such as he. Either way, it was unnerving in its intensity and it recalled in her memories of the High Priestesses of Llolth, especially the Matron Mothers, back in Menzoberranzan.

Chapter 16: Duty and Action

Well before the breaking of the dawn, Rendrick Trotter crawled forth from the burrow in which he and his companions passed the night. It had been cramped within the small cave and so, as soon as he was free of its confines, he stretched, multiple cracks sounding throughout his body as he did. As soon as this was done he cast his gaze about the darkened grotto around him, his nose and ears twitching in an attempt to discover anything amiss. Coming up with nothing, he slunk off into the surrounding woods, a collection of their small companies’ waterskins clutched in his hand.

Chapter 17: The Path Forward Darkens

With light, determined steps Rendrick led his companions through the dense foliage, doing all that was within his power to not leave too obvious a trail for any potential foes to follow. This was inevitably a moot point, however, given his companion’s far heavier, and less measured, steps. Despite this, he was as of yet sure that they were not being pursued, at least not directly, for wherever they trod the tracks of goblins criss-crossed their path.