The Resolution

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NSFW Warning: Strong Sexual Content and cursing.

Just after dawn, a woman in jogging attire left her suburban home and made her steady way down the leaf-dusted sidewalk of her neighborhood towards the distant sounds of heavy traffic that would lead her into the city proper. Though the sky was grey, and the scent of rain hung heavy in the air, she was undeterred. She did this every morning, it kept her sane, and she wasn’t about to let a little rain dissuade her. In any case, she had business in the city that day that she was duty-bound to see through. Her name was Mindy and by the decree of a New Year’s resolution she had made whilst curled on the couch sipping champagne while her two children slept beside her, watching the ball drop through a half-tipsy haze, she would not spend another year wallowing in single self-pity. No, that year she would throw caution to the wind, grab fate by the balls, slap cupid in his stupid cherub face, or at the very least go on a couple dates. Such was her calling that autumn morn, many months since her resolution had been made. She had a date.

Thirty-nine years old, Mindy had been divorced now for some time. Work and motherhood afforded her little time to seek out companionship, though she had tried from time to time. She tired quickly of running the gauntlet of dating apps, finding them filled either with young men who still thought they walked on water, or else older man-children who had never properly learned what should or should not be said, or worn, when first meeting a woman. They either did not want commitment, hanging upon the old cliche of seeing marriage as a western construct that was too constricting to their bulging egos, or they were seeking something more akin to a maid than a partner.

Given this, she had resigned herself to meeting someone the old-fashioned way, but this too proved difficult. She worked from home and so there was no office in which to interact with coworkers, most of whom weren’t even in the same state as her, not to mention female. Being a mother meant she hadn’t the time or inclination to frequent coffee shops or bars. Not that she would have found any likely candidates there either as she could only assume they too were filled with a similar variety as the dating apps.

Over the years hope had turned to a malaise of jaded disinterest and so she had resigned herself to romance novels and masturbation. That was until she had been approached by a man while she browsed the organic, outsourced and overly priced coffee at her local supermarket. She had seen him there before and had actually thought he worked there. The fact that he asked her if he could help her choose a roast did not help her confusion. Brushing off her assurance she was fine, he had told her that he owned a local coffee shop and that he would like her to stop by sometime if she were so inclined. He was tall, lean and had all of his hair and so she had agreed, despite the telltale voice in the back of her mind verily screaming that she would only be disappointed again. 

“My name’s Michael,” he had told her. “My shop is just down the road, would Sunday work?”

She confirmed that it would and had ended their exchange with an awkward exclamation of: “it’s a date!” And she was still judging herself for it.

Coming to a red light, Mindy paused, jogging in place and fighting the urge to turn around and head back to her home. Her children were with their father that weekend, however, and so she knew all that awaited her at home was housework, a half-empty bottle of wine, Lana Del Rey, and her vibrator. The depressing prospect of pleasing herself alone, as well as thoughts of her resolution, propelled her through the intersection when the light turned green.

Coming down the lane, she padded to a halt before the front of the coffee shop Michael had said he owned. Inside it was dark and the sign within the door was flipped firmly to “closed”. Confused, she cupped her hands against the glass, peering within to see if she could spy him among the clusters of chairs and tables that huddled within the gloom. Behind the countertop, a light shone from a further room, but she saw no movement within. 

Slightly miffed, she tapped upon the glass, her breath fogging the barrier as she craned closer. To her relief, he appeared a moment later, ducking out from the back room and waiving merrily at her whilst rushing to let her in.

Goddamnit, he’s hotter than I remembered, she thought to herself as the lock clicked, suddenly self-conscious that she had incorporated this into her morning run as opposed to driving and doing her makeup more fully beforehand.

“Did you run here?” He asked, pulling open the door and standing aside to let her in.

“Yeah,” she confessed, somewhat sheepish, hurriedly wiping a few loose flyaways from her face as she did. 

Inside, it was comfortably warm and smelled strongly of coffee. Classical music played from some distant location. Reflexively, she reached to unzip her sweater but immediately thought better of it. Here he was clean and crisp, and she was sure she looked like a winded cow.

“I like that,” he smiled disarmingly, closing the door and clicking the lock.

“You aren’t open?” She asked.

“No, Sundays I usually open around noon,” he said. “Thought it might be fun for us to have the place to ourselves for a bit before the tornado blows in. Coffee?”


“How d’you take it?”

“Do you have a specialty?”

He shrugged.

“Honestly, I enjoy all of what we make here. I blend a mean cold brew though.”

“Howabout something with espresso,” she suggested. “I don’t think I properly fueled myself this morning.”

“Coming right up,” he said, striding behind the counter and beginning to busy himself with the preparation. 

“Make yourself comfortable,” he called above the clatter. “Sit wherever you like.”

Turning in a slow circle, she took in the room. It was an older space, but it would seem as though he had done a number of renovations since claiming it. It had a more modern feel, but not enough to be cold or tacky. In essence, it looked just enough like a chain to be familiar but also unique enough to be cozy.

“How long have you been here?” She asked, choosing a table near the counter, awarding her a nice view of the street but not so close that every passerby could look in and see her.

“Five years just about,” he said. “I bought it shortly after moving here. Always wanted a coffee shop of my own.”

“Why’s that?”

“Just like the feel, the ambience. Well, when it’s done right. I’ve been in a lot of them that seemed torn right out of a magazine, and I didn’t want mine to be like that.”

“I like it,” she said, glancing around again. “It’s cozy. Would love to curl up here with a book.”

“You should sometime. I know I do before I open, or after closing.”

There came a hissing and a cloud of steam rose from where he fiddled behind the counter. The smell of coffee intensified, and she found herself sighing contentedly, relaxing despite her earlier concerns.

“Do you work alone here?” She asked.

“Oh god no,” he chuckled. “I tried that in the beginning, but business picked up pretty quickly. Not that I’m complaining but things were getting pretty dicey before I hired Magie and Greg.”

Now that she wasn’t directly in his eyeline, Mindy allowed herself to unzip her sweater and give herself a cursory check. The cool air had been good to her, she neither stank nor sported any copious sweat marks, though she kind of wished she had chosen a slightly more elegant top.


She jerked up to find him approaching her chosen table, a smile on his lips, a pair of lightly steaming mugs gripped in his hands.

“Thank you,” she smiled appreciatively, accepting her beverage. Inhaling it deeply, she moaned audibly, it smelled divine.

He sat opposite her, his back to the front window. 

“So, Mindy from the grocery store,” he said, for the first time seeming a bit nervous himself. She had to admit this glimpse of vulnerability helped put her at ease. He was certainly charming, and handsome, but human to top it off was always a plus. “How long have you lived here?”

“Most of my life,” she confessed, unable to keep the ruefulness from her voice.

Though she was sure he picked up on it, he was gracious enough to not comment on it.

“What d’you do for work,” he quickly rerouted.

“Lot of paper-pushing, nothing as exciting as owning a coffee shop…”

“Oh, it isn’t as glamorous as it seems,” he smiled. “Trust me it isn’t always this quiet.”

She laughed despite herself.

“Do you have children?” She asked.

His smile faltered.

She kicked herself. It had seemed like the natural next question to her, but she had apparently hit a sore spot for him.

“I do not, no,” he said, recovering quickly. “Sorry, it’s just that I always wanted them, ever since I was a kid myself I feel. My ex and I tried for years but things just never came together.”

“I’m sorry,” she said, and meant it.

He waived her sentiment away, his easy smile returning.

“You have two of your own, don’t you?” He asked.

“I do, how did you know that?”

“I’ve seen them with you at the store. They seem like a good duo.”

“They have their moments,” she replied nonchalantly but inwardly she beamed. “This is delicious by the way.”

She had taken her first sip of the coffee now that it had cooled somewhat, and it was indeed sublime.

“Thank you,” he smiled appreciatively. “I am glad you like it. It’s actually a super simple blend, I can show you how to whip it up if you like sometime.”

“I would.”

They sat in silence for a time. Outside on the street the wind was picking up and occasional raindrops splattered upon the glass. The storm was coming in. She knew that she should probably leave in the hopes of making it home before the downpour, but it had been a long time since she had been able to speak so easily with a man that she was reluctant to end their encounter. Plus, the coffee was amazing.

“Isn’t it odd for a young man to want children?” She asked. “Aren’t you guys usually more interested in sports cars and short skirts?”

He laughed gaily at her words, and she immediately fell in love with the sound. Genuine laughs were so rare these days in the time of “lol’s”, “rofl’s” and “lmfao’s”. Beyond this, Michael possessed a laugh coming from deep within his chest, a good laugh, a man’s laugh. 

“I suppose so,” he conceded. “Though there weren’t any of either of those where I grew up, so I guess my interests are skewed.”

“Where did you grow up?”

“On a farm up state.”

“Large family I presume?”

“There were six of us siblings.”

Mindy blanched.

“That’s a large family!” She exclaimed but he merely shrugged.

“The Masterson’s next door had eight,” he said. “But I suppose for a city-slicker six is a large number.”

“Hey! I have siblings,” she replied in mock outrage, slapping his knee.

“How many?”


He chuckled. 

“I stand corrected then,” he held up his large hands in surrender. 

“Are you the youngest?” She asked, sipping her delicious coffee.

“No, Magie, who I mentioned earlier, is my younger sister. She made me swear to take her to the big city when I left home. I told her only so long as you enroll in college and here we are.”

“What’s she studying?”

“Liberal Arts,” he replied, a chagrined smirk hidden quickly by his own coffee mug.

Mindy laughed, surprising herself at the genuine peal that broke from her lips.

“It’s nice to hear a woman laugh,” he said, a strange look entering his eye.

“Oh please, I am sure you make many women laugh,” she dismissed his words with a waive, her hand falling upon his knee once more. This time, however, she allowed it to linger before retracting. 

Well, that was forward,’ she quietly admonished herself, but she rejected the sentiment just as quickly, her New Year’s resolution drowning the concerns of impropriety from her thoughts. Here she was sitting across from a charming, handsome man with a nice laugh and personality when the only intimate touch she had had in months came from her vibrator. To hell with what was proper.

“I do hear a lot of laughter here,” he allowed. “But not much of it is genuine. You have a nice laugh, Mindy.”

“Thank you, Michael, I like yours as well,” she said, meeting his gaze boldly. It was first time she had used his name out loud; she liked the feel of it on her tongue.

Thunder rumbled threateningly outside, and the rain began to fall in heavy sheets, thoroughly dousing the street beyond the window, and sending pedestrians scurrying for shelter.

“Did you like living on the farm?” She asked.

“I did,” he nodded. “Though as mom and dad got older and my eldest brother made a family of his own and started taking over more and more of the responsibilities it became less and less of my home and more so theirs. I found work where I could. Spent a season roughnecking, spent another hauling gravel, nothing really stuck.”

“Were you married that whole time?”

“For most of it. Nancy liked to travel so we spent some time out of state but when things went south between us, I came back. Helped Matt on the farm for a bit but then I just said ‘fuck it’ and decided to throw whatever savings I had into this place.”

“I’m glad you did,” she found herself confessing.

“I am too,” he nodded.

They sat in silence for a while longer, Mindy watching the rain, Michael watching her. He was unabashed in his stare, and she soon met his gaze defiantly with one of her own. Lightning lit the street outside and a similar spark shot between them. He scooted closer. She leaned forward. Their lips met in a kiss backed by more force than either of them had intended but neither of them relented. Their lips parting, their tongues met, the taste of coffee mingling as they sparred. Involuntarily, she moaned and pressed herself closer against him. He responded by sliding closer to her, his arms wrapping about her, pulling her against his chest in a strong embrace.

They broke apart after what seemed an eternity. They were both breathing heavily. Their eyes met. His cheeks were flushed, hers were too and an unmistakable fire burned in both of their gazes.

“I do not mean to be too forward,” he said breathlessly.

A strange feeling coming over her, she found herself smirking at his attempt to give her an out that she had no desire to take. Rather than reply with words, she reached between them, running a hand up his thigh until she grasped the hardened outline of his cock through his slacks.

“I do,” she found herself whispering, pushing him back slightly so that she could slip to her knees before him. Charging brazenly through any holdups that blossomed in her mind, she quickly undid his belt, followed by the button of his pants. Slowly, she slid his fly down, urging his penis out as she did with her other hand. As soon as his member leapt free of its confines, she was immediately pleased to find that he was both circumcised and of a length and girth she found amply pleasing. Without hesitation, she leaned in, enjoying his moan of pleasure as her lips encircled him, her tongue teasing his salty tip as she lowered herself to take the majority of him inside of her in a single plunge.

“Oh my god,” he gasped, his hands falling upon the nape of her neck and the top of her head. To his credit, he applied no pressure, allowing her to set the pace. Though, whenever she hit a more sensitive area, his fingers would clench, wrapping about her bun, his digits entangling themselves in her dark locks.

It had been a while since she had given a blowjob and she had almost forgotten how much she enjoyed them. It didn’t hurt that he had a nice cock that felt comfortable in her mouth, and he wasn’t forcing it down her throat like most men felt they had to given their general education being pornography. By the sounds he was making, he was definitely enjoying himself and that only served to encourage her to pull him deeper, her tongue swirling about his shaft until she felt him stiffen, his member beginning to jerk as he neared his end. Pulling back until only the engorged head was between her lips, its weight resting upon her tongue, which she cupped anticipating his release, she stroked his length once, twice, thrice….

“Fucking hell!” He hissed through gritted teeth, his thick, salty load erupting into her mouth. She held him steady between her lips, her hand continuing to pump slowly, milking him of every last savory drop.

He collapsed back into his chair as she sat back on her haunches, wiping her lips of saliva and escaped spunk. He watched her through heavy-lidden eyes as she cleaned up, a contented smile on his lips that brought a small swelling of pride to her.

You still got it, Mindy,’ she congratulated herself, smiling back at him and standing.

As she rose, she was surprised that he reached out to her. Usually, men were too spent after an orgasm to even move and yet when his hands found her hips, he gripped them with surprising vigor. Pulling her to him, he pushed up her shirt and began to plant feverish kisses across her quivering stomach. Not at all inclined to stop him, she took her turn in plunging her fingers into his hair, holding him against her as he pushed her shirt further up, his tongue lapping at the sweat that had dried upon her as he neared the base of her sports bra.

Her breath coming in pants, she pulled her sweater from herself as he gripped the left cup of her bra and pulled it down, allowing her breast to spill forth, her nipple plopping perfectly into his waiting mouth. She moaned as he suckled upon it and, while he did, his hands were far from idle. Pulling her closer still with one wrapped about the small of her back, his other sought the waistband of her running pants. Without hesitation, he wrenched downward, pulling the garment, along with her sensible cotton panties, to her knees in a single motion.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned against the crown of his head, her nose buried in his clean-smelling locks, as he forced her clothing to her ankles, his lips leaving her tit to allow him to slide the leg of one side over the heel of her sneaker. 

She now stood almost naked before him. Her body on full display to his gaze, as well as any outside the shop window should they inquisitively press their noses to the glass. Thankfully, the rain continued to fall in heavy sheets keeping all but the most tenacious pedestrians off the sidewalk, and even those hurried by without sparing the closed coffee shop a spare glance. Even so, she sought not to cover up. She gave no thought to stretch marks or cellulite as he lifted her freed leg to plant her foot upon the tabletop beside them, bringing her sex directly to his face.

She did have the brief realization that she hadn’t trimmed down there in quite some time. Why would she when only her vibrator paid homage? But any thought of unkempt pubic hair fled as soon as he buried his face within their curls, his eager tongue parting her nether lips in a single stroke that pulled from her throat a sound she was sure only feral cats made when in heat.

With one arm supporting her ass, his other reached up to cup her breast that still hung free of the shackles of her sports bra. Steadily and diligently, he began to eat her out. His tongue flicking across her clit as his fingers massaged her breast and teased her nipple, grown hard in the open air. 

For her part, it was all she could do to hold on, her fingernails digging into his shoulder and scalp as he brought her closer and closer to her end. She felt it rising within her, rippling out from where his tongue teased until, like a wave crashing upon the shore, she came, her cries echoing about the empty shop as thunder boomed without.

Gasping, she clung to him as the aftershock of her orgasm reverberated through her. Through the post-climax haze, she looked down into his eyes as he nestled against her thigh, his lips idly brushed the soft skin against which he laid his cheek.

Just then, there came a clatter from the back room and they both jolted back to reality. 

“Damn, that’s Magie coming to help me open,” he cursed as she disentangled herself from him, hastily reaching for the waistband of her pants on unsteady legs. For a few frantic moments they redressed themselves and Mindy had just finished pulling her sweater back over her shoulders when a young woman bustled in from the back, a look of surprise on her face when she spied them standing awkwardly near the counter.

“Oh! I’m sorry, Michael, I didn’t know you had company,” the newcomer stammered.

“No worries, Magie, I should have told you,” he replied nonchalantly. “This is Mindy, we met at the grocery store the other day and she agreed to meet me for coffee.”

“Oh?” The woman’s demeanor changed instantly, and she now beheld them both with a sly look in her eye.

“It’s nice to meet you, Mindy,” she said. “I hope he kept his hands off you.”

“Don’t you have prep work to do?” Michael asked, rolling his eyes.

“It’s nice to meet you too, Magie,” Mindy smiled weakly, still slightly unstable from her orgasm. “I suppose I should be going. Don’t want to be in the way while you two set up.”

“You can’t go out in that,” Michael argued, gesturing to the window, beyond which the storm still raged. “I am happy to drive you if you’d like, or…”

“Or?” Mindy asked, a note of hopefulness in her tone.

“You could always stay,” he offered. “I can whip you up another coffee. I doubt we will be too busy today with the weather.”

“I’d like that,” she smiled, taking her seat gratefully. “Besides I don’t think my legs would hold up on the walk home.”

The two of them shared a laugh, oblivious to the knowing smirk Magie sent their way.

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