The Forest Mother Saga Part 2.2: A Path and a Plan

NSFW Warning: Suggestive and foul language.

Disclaimer: I do not own the cover image.

Here follows is part two of the second entry in the “Forest Mother Saga.” If you have not yet read “The Forest Mother Saga: Book One: Corruption” I heartily encourage you to do so or else miss out on the complete narrative. You can find the links to both entries, as well as other works of mine, on the sidebar on the righthand side of the main page of my blog, or else at the bottom if you are using a cellular device. Also, there you will find a link to my Buy Me A Coffee page which I shall also put here: . Please consider making a donation to this fevered mind of mine to bolster the creation of future works. Thank you!

“We should set off at once!” Kaylin insisted, turning on her heel and proceeding to march in the general direction Lex had suggested they travel to reach Leeria.

“Whoa there!” Kyra said, leaping in front of her lover and extending her hands to block the other woman’s path. “The little one merely mentions Leeria’s name and you’re already full tilt to run to her aid?”

“She’s our fellow Ranger, Ky,” Kay replied incredulously. “A sister of our guild. We cannot sit idly while she is in peril.”

“Wow, you guys really take your vows to heart!” Lex said admiringly. Leaping astride Diglo, she urged the creature to flight and soon hovered between the two rangers, the whirring of the faerie dragon’s wings filling the air.

“Doesn’t hurt that they’re former lovers either,” Kyra said, casting a meaningful look at the Fae as Kay pushed past her. 

“Ever ready with that one aren’t you?” The older Ranger shot back over her shoulder as she made her way through the underbrush, a sudden rigidity to her step.

“I am only saying that Lex and Diglo here have come a long way, they look half starved, and maybe we should know more about this peril Leeria faces before we rush into it ourselves,” Ky reasoned, moving again to Kaylin’s side, catching her arm in her grasp. “Come now, let’s take the night, hear the littlun’s tale, and formulate some kind of plan first, eh?”

Kaylin inhaled deeply as she collected herself. The younger woman’s logic was sound after all and she was more than a little bit ashamed that it hadn’t been her with the clearer head. 

“Very well,” she allowed. “Let us make camp.”

Some hours later, nightfall found the quartet seated in a small nook, surrounded by jutting, moss-covered stones, a modest fire crackling between them. The rangers reclined against the natural stonework about them, listening intently to Lex’s tale. Kay, for her part, attended with eyes closed, trying to envision as best she could the images the Fae’s tale were conjuring in her mind. Ky, however, leaned in, eager for each new detail, idly chewing a stick of tough jerky. When the tale turned to the Forest Mother’s Daughters, particularly the mention of the wooden phallus, both women jerked forward, intruding questions poised upon their lips.

“How old did it appear?” Kay asked, whilst in juxtaposition Ky questioned, “how big was it?”

Taken aback by their sudden interest, Lex tried desperately to remember whatever details she could of the object. 

“It appeared old, very old actually,” she said. “There were runes carved about its shaft and…er…I suppose it was normal sized for a being of your height?”

Ky leaned back, disinterested, but Kay leaned forward further, saying, “these runes? Could you describe their make? Perhaps guess at their origin?”

“Admittedly I was more distracted by how it was being used upon your fellow ranger than any details of its craftsmanship,” Lex said. When Kay did not back down, however, she sighed and closed her eyes, trying her best to picture the phallus how it had appeared in the Sapphire Sister’s hand. 

“It was the length of a dagger,” she said after a short pause, her tiny hands tracing in the air before her as if sculping the object. Ky leaned in, suddenly interested once more as Lex’s fingers stroked the imagined dildo. “Expertly crafted, and carved from a wood possessing a deep, sable color.”

“And what of the runes?” Kay almost whispered, desperate to not break the Fae woman’s concentration. 

“They were deep gashes in the shaft’s length,” Lex replied, still tracing the image. “Inelegant, almost Dwarven in design.”

Kay clapped her hands, snapping Lex from her reverie and drawing all eyes to her. 

“I take it you know who made such an artifact?” Ky remarked, slightly miffed by the interruption of the small woman’s air sculpting. 

“Artifacts in fact,” Kay said, her tone as triumphant as her stare. “Many eons ago, when the elves first taught the “lesser” races the art of druidic magic, many of the rituals they employed were highly erotic, primal in nature. For these rituals they crafted a set of these phallic totems to be used as foci. To create them, they employed a dwarven craftsman who sketched words of power upon the objects in dwarven as Faerie has no script and Elven was deemed inappropriate for their intended use.”

“How would Dwarven be any more appropriate?” Ky interjected. “If ever there was a more uptight race than elves I know not of it.”

“The Dwarven language uses the same alphabet as the old tongue of earth and stone elementals,” Kay said, too wrapped up in her explanation to be annoyed by the interruption. “As such, it worked perfectly in tandem with the nature of the rituals for which the objects were to be used.”

“Okay, so this Forest Mother got her hands on one of the ancient ritual foci that so happens to also be a dildo of archaic origin,” Ky sleuthed out. “Why is this such a bad thing?”

“Because, with the rise of the druid groves came also gatherings of more sinister practitioners,” Kaylin explained. “And, over the centuries, many of the artifacts once sacred to druidic tradition have fallen into the hands of these “dark druids” and turned to darker, more corrupting purposes.”

“As the Forest Mother warps the act of sexual intercourse into one of pure lust and abandon?” Lex piped in.

“Exactly,” Kay nodded and the Fae woman beamed, clearly pleased to have grasped the concept so quickly. 

“So how does this aid us in defeating her?” Ky asked.

“We shall have to find a druid,” Kay nodded to herself. “There is one who lives not too far who we may…”

“Daedus!?” Ky exclaimed, her eyes wide and eager.

“The very same,” Kay responded, carefully ignoring the intrigue on her lover’s face. When Ky caught Lex’s questioning look she held her hands at shoulder width and mouthed “massive cock” and winked.

“There is more to the man than the size of his penis,” Kaylin interjected tersely. “He is quite knowledgeable of druidic lore, as well as being well versed in his craft. If any were to know of the locations of the foci, he would be our best bet.” 

“Is he far?” Lex asked.

“Visiting him should not take us too far from our course. You say that it was from the Weeping Willow Inn that Leeria set forth to confront the Forest Mother?”

“That was what she told me in our travels.”

“Then we shall have to cross the mountains. One of the lodgings Daedus likes to frequent lays a bit further south but we should be able to visit him and backtrack without too much delay.”

“I hate climbing mountains,” Kyra pouted. “You’re too exposed on those rocky cliffsides.”

“Then you will be happy to hear that we will not be climbing over, but rather delving beneath them then,” Kay said.

“Even worse,” her lover whined. “I am no mole you know!”

“Clearly,” Kay arched a brow.

“Erm, hate to interrupt but do you know a safe route beneath the peaks?” Lex piped, her hand raised tentatively to draw their gazes. “These mountains are riddled with old mine shafts and caves, none of which I am told are safe to traverse.”

“Few are well explored,” Kay admitted. “But fear not, I know of a path that will see us through safely, so long as its guardian still calls it home.”

“You say safe but when you say “guardian” I cannot help but feel we have some test that we must first pass,” Ky observed.

“You aren’t wrong, but fear not, it is a test I have weathered before, and it has never proved too terribly difficult.”

“Well, that’s good,” Lex said, snuggling up to Diglo and closing her eyes. “For I have to confess I have had enough trials to last me a lifetime.” 

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