Our Queen

There was a time,

This land of ours,

Was not ruled over,

By foreign clowns,

A Queen had we,

A woman fair,

A Queen had we,

Beyond compare,

They took her from,

This land of ours,

They stole her away,

From sun and stars,

A net was hers,

And a cell behind,

Handed over,

To hands unkind,

Uncouth of touch,

And rough of tongue,

They took her away,

To lands far-flung,

Away from forests,

She cherished dear,

Away from clover,

And comforts near,

Where she was held,

They would not say,

Our righteous fury,

They held at bay,

So how it was,

We lost our Queen,

Taken from us,

To lands unseen

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