The Nightfall Maiden

Within dusty depths she stirs,

Grinding stonework long interred,

Stepping forth into the night,

The risen moon her lantern bright,

Outside an inn she finds her toy,

The very target of her ploy,

A young noble, liquor imbibed,

His step unsteady, his senses tried,

To his gaze she surely seemed,

A lost maiden, sure to please,

Before long his room they found,

Her breasts exposed, his cock unbound,

His semen heady with both power and greed,

He tasted strongly of her need,

His load thus drunken, she climbed atop him,

Guiding him to depths abundant,

Her searing folds did he thus plunder,

As his throat she ripped asunder,

Her true thirst thus to be quenched,

Both loins and bedding dually drenched.

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