Ode to Writing *Farewell to 2021*

I am sorry I have not written,

I am sorry I am not seen,

I am sorry I cannot hold your hand,

While we face what might have been,

What might have reared its ugly face,

Or kindly face beside,

I am sorry I stood not by you,

Verse those demons deep inside,

You deserve far better,

Than the songbird you have chosen,

But what suckled nectar once,

Can suckle again in turn,

Please forgive me my sidesteps,

Of emotions plainly lain,

Please know my resoluteness,

To print these words again,

I feel your desperate need,

As my need coincides,

I commiserate your loneliness,

As my loneliness abides,

You are never forgotten,

My heartfelt friend, 

As I have not forgotten,

That all hurts shall mend,

Bear with me,

Hold true your faith,

Your love and joyous adulations,

Shall not be in vain.

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