Part Four: The Forest Mother’s Daughters

NSFW Warning: Strong Sexual Content including scenes of bestiality, torture, and ritualistic sacrifice, as well as scenes of strong fantasy violence.

Disclaimer: I do not own the cover image.

* This is the fourth part of the Forest Mother Saga. The rest of this tale can be found under the Forest Mother Saga tab on the sidebar. For the full effect of the tale please also read the proceeding three parts, preferably previous to this one. Enjoy!*

Lex’s assurance that the Glade of the Forest Mother’s Daughters being “not far” proved relative to the speed at which she could travel upon her agile mount. For Leeria, forced to traverse the uneven and overgrown terrain on foot upon a gradually rising slope, it proved a far more arduous task, even for a Ranger of her skill. Upon multiple occasions the Fey and her steed were forced to alite upon a branch or jutting stone to allow their earth-bound charge to catch up, Diglo becoming more and more agitated as her slowness deprived him longer and longer of his promised reward upon their journey’s conclusion.

At long last, the sun having firmly eclipsed its zenith above the treetops, they arrived upon the borders of a sprawling woodland glade. Coming to rest upon the precipice of a moss-covered, much eroded statue, Lex awaited the Ranger who came trotting, her chest heaving from the exertion of her run, to her side not long after.

“Seems it was a bit further than I originally thought,” the Fey woman said apologetically, glancing around them at the dusk-tinged landscape.

“No…shit,” Leeria gasped, leaning against the statue for support. Though certainly winded, the Ranger had not been fully deprived of her senses, and quickly fell into a crouch, her keen eyes scanning the glade before them.

To say that the place was ancient seemed a gross understatement to the Ranger. All about its perimeter crumbled statues of white stone, similar to the one Diglo sat upon, peeked forth from the encroaching foliage. A soft carpet of grass spread from the borders to the brink of a large, crystalline pool at its far edge, beneath the overhanging branches of a massive oak. Surrounding the pool was a series of jet-black stones, their surfaces festooned with twisting runic designs. Though the entire scene was breathtaking, it was the occupants of the pool that Leeria honed in on, for these must surely be the Forest Mother’s daughters from whom she hoped to glean the location of their alluring mother.

There were four of them, all of them nude and appearing as young, nubile women. Their flesh was the color of the deepest, richest honey, their eyes deep pools of twisted, lustful energy. It was here however, as well as in the color of their long, silken hair, that the differences between them lay.

While one possessed hair and eyes of the deepest lilac, the next bore the shade of dazzling sapphire. The third seemed a font of liquid gold whilst the final sister had scarlet locks and eyes of glistening ruby.

They flitted about the pool, cooing and giggling amongst themselves, the water flowing about their midriffs. As one or another drew near the encircling runestones, the twisted markings would glow with their corresponding color, creating a mesmerizing, technicolor display.

“Despicable aren’t they,” Lex said disdainfully, glowering at the foursome.

Not all together sure that she agreed with the Fey woman’s assessment, Leeria continued to survey them, attempting vainly to overlook the allure of their beings and perceive what malice might lurk beneath.

 As fate would have it, she did not have long to wait.

Just as she was considering rising from her position and approaching the strange women directly, a creature appeared from around another statue, nearer to the pool. It was a Faun, the ranger realized, noting his fluffy goat-shanks, potbelly, and shock of curled locks upon his crown from which twisted horns protruded.

Immediately catching sight of the goatman, the four women twisted and turned to face him, rising to their full heights, their faces contorted into the visages of hungry predators.

“An offer comes, shall we lunge?” The golden-haired daughter cooed, taking the first step towards the newcomer.

“He’s but a dreg, let him beg,” the sapphire sister replied, her tone offering indifference though she yet beheld the Faun as a glutton would a feast.

“Fool,” Lex hissed, gripping tighter Diglo’s reins.

Somewhat confused by the situation, Leeria could clearly see the Faun’s unease, though he approached the pool regardless, his hardened cock protruding from between his furry legs, his hands wringing concernedly before him.

“Please mistresses,” he beseeched them in bleating tones. “I am driven mad with need, I entreat reprieve!”

The desperation in his tone was plain and cut Leeria to her core. He seemed for all the world to her an addict, desperate for that which he knew would kill him. For such frantic words to come from the mouth of a Faun, a Fey renowned for its wonton randiness, was truly a testament to the hold the Forest Mother now had on these woods.

“He speaks when isn’t asked, perhaps his punishment’s our task,” the sapphire sister smirked, moving up beside her golden-haired twin, caressing distractedly one of her pert breasts as she gazed wickedly upon the Faun.

“Hold sister! Must we punish?” The lilac sister interjected, draping herself upon the shoulder of her scarlet twin. “For he freely offers what we relish.”

“A gift thus offered, weakness fostered,” the ruby-haired sister scoffed. “He is as crass as he is rash.”

“I beg of you!” The Faun almost shouted. “It is too great, it’s driving me mad!”

“Then come and bend, we shall mend,” The blonde sister cood.

“Present your need so we might feed,” the lilac sister piped eagerly.

“Pathetic nut, good but for a rut,” the blue-haired one replied.

“Then you buck and I shall suck!” Was the lilac’s enthusiastic reply, wading forward, her eager hand reaching for his offered rod.

Looking to her red-haired sister, the blue twin smirked.

“Produce the phallus, full of malice,” she entreated.

Matching her sister’s expression, the ruby sister lifted a hand.

“Forest spirit, we beg you hear us,” she chanted. “Grant us the tool to teach this fool.”

As the last syllable left her lips Leeria was amazed to see a thick dildo carved of smooth wood and covered with similar swirling designs as the stones around the pool appear in her palm. Smugly, she then offered the device to her blue-haired sister, who grinned wolfishly back.

By this time the Faun had made it to the pool’s edge and the lilac sister had fallen to her knees before him. Eagerly grasping the shaft of his rock-hard member, she dipped her head to begin suckling at its tip, her golden-locked sister sliding up behind her to caress her shoulders as her more sinister-seeming siblings stepped from the pool to take up positions behind their lust-addled victim.

“I cannot watch,” Lex said, coaxing Diglo from the scene.

“Don’t do anything rash, Ranger,” she bid Leeria as she and her mount soared off to the higher reaches of the nearest tree.

Barely registering that the other woman had spoken, Leeria nodded absentmindedly, her gaze transfixed on what was unfolding before her. As she watched, she saw the blue-haired nymph push the wooden phallus she held roughly into the ass of the Faun. He arched his back in response, bleating in pain whilst simultaneously shoving his cock deeper into the mouth of the lilac-haired sister who, rather than gag on his girth, moaned loudly, though this might have had more to do with her blonde sister beginning to finger her from behind, her movements gently splashing the pool’s waters.

So enthralled was she at the display of primal lust playing out before her, Leeria didn’t even realize her jaw had slackened, her tongue peaking out as if panting, one of her hands sliding beneath her belt, two fingers penetrating her sopping pussy, the fog of the Forest Mother’s influence descending over her mind.

Gripping the Faun’s shoulder, the blue-haired sister relentlessly assaulted his ass with her rigid apparatus. Coming up beside her, the red-haired nymph caressed her, her slender fingers dancing across her twin’s taut flesh before grabbing the back of her neck and drawing her into a ferocious kiss. As their tongues danced, the ruby-haired sister slid one of her hands between them. 

So caught up was she in her own pruriency, Leeria did not immediately register that the red-haired sister’s hand had pushed through the flesh of the Faun’s back as easily as if it were made of wet clay. As she did, the Faun’s back arched, his head flew back, and a choking cry escaped his lips. 

In the split seconds that followed, several things happened in very quick succession. First, the red-haired sister’s grip tightened, then the blue-haired sister plunged her dildo deeply into the Faun’s ass, followed by a simultaneous eruption of sperm from his cock, filling the lilac nymph’s hungry mouth so much so that part of his load burst forth from around her tightly clamped lips, and an eruption of blood from his mouth. 

Leeria also came, hard, and had to bite her gauntlet to stifle the cry of pleasure that tore through her, even as her eyes widened in horror at the sight of the Faun’s gruesome death.

Withdrawing her arm, the ruby-eyed sister held aloft the Faun’s yet beating heart, blood pouring down her arm and spilling onto her chest, crimson rivulets running over her breasts and tight stomach. Immediately, her sapphire twin fell upon her, lapping at the blood with gusto, her fingernails biting into her sister’s hips as her tongue ran over her gore-splashed flesh.Still within the pool, the other sisters squealed in glee, rushing towards the water’s edge to join in their kinswoman’s macabre feast. 

Sickened by the sight, and with herself for masturbating to it, Leeria grabbed at the hilts of her twin swords, shoving the Forest Mother’s caress forcefully from her mind as she did. Leaping unsteadily from cover, her knees still weak from the earth-shattering orgasm she had given herself, she shouted, “fei foul creatures!” Before hurling one of her blades into their midst.

Pushing her sapphire sister from her, the red-haired nymph turned just in time to receive the ranger’s offered blade squarely between her breasts. The impact rocked her backwards, though she managed to retain her footing, leaving her staring in shock at the pommel of the sword that now stood erect before her eyes. As if in slow motion, she crumpled to her knees, her astounded gaze lifting to meet Leeria’s fierce one as her skin began to darken to a sickly green and desicate. An unearthly shriek tore from her, echoing about the glade as she seemingly folded in on herself, her body disintegrating until all that remained was the ranger’s blade lying upon a streak of black ash beside the crystalline pool.

Gulping at the horrendous image, Leeria nevertheless squared herself against the remaining sisters, who were now all slowly turning to face her, their eyes aflame, their lips pulled back in animalistic snarls. Gripping her remaining shortsword before her, she set her stance wide, ready to spring this way or that if they charged.

“Slew our sister, shall we twist her?” The lilac sister hissed, pulling herself from the pool.

“Not so quickly, beware foul trickery,” the blonde nymph warned.

“She must suffer!” The sapphire twin insisted, stepping forward. “The roots will bind her!”

As if on command, the ground about the ranger began to writhe and seethe. Great tears formed in the earth from which leapt thin, cord-like roots. Cracking the air like bullwhips, they lashed at Leeria, grasping for her wrists and ankles. 

Nimbly leaping aside, she cut away those which drew near, before landing in a controlled roll some feet away. Gaining her feet, she immediately charged the sisters, seeking to close the ground between them as quickly as possible.

High above the action unfolding in the clearing, Lex was gripping tightly to a branches’ cross-section, her eyes screwed tightly shut, soft grunts and breathy moans escaping her small, parted lips as Diglo, his paws anchored above her hands, thrust his thick, fleshy cock repeatedly into the tight confines of her ass. With a gurgled cry, the Fairy Dragon came, his hot, gooey load spilling out of her to coat her thighs as its volume proved greater than her modest colon could accommodate.

Breathing heavily, the diminutive Fey collapsed against the branch beneath her, her Dragon’s cock slithering out of her, sending a few final reverberations, leftovers of her own multiple orgasms, through her. 

“She draws near, the roots she doesn’t fear!”

The desperate cry from below roused the woman from the blissful afterglow of her coitus and she perked up, her eyes popping open to behold the ranger’s assault upon the sisters.

“Jumping acorns, Diglo!” She squeaked, scrambling to her feet, heedless of the sticky residue that covered nearly everything below her waist. “Come, the Ranger needs us!”

Jumping agiley onto her mount’s back, she urged him to take flight, the two of them soaring down to join the fray, her rapier held aloft in their charge.

In response to her sister’s cries of dismay, the sapphire nymph clenched her fist anew, summoning yet more roots to burst forth directly in the path of the oncoming Ranger. 

Again, Leeria managed to evade the worst of them, diving between two tendrils and severing a third that sought to pursue her.

“Stubborn worm, come take your turn!” The blue-haired sister screeched, grabbing up the sword that had killed her twin and lunging at her foe. 

Deftly managing to parry the initial, savage strike, Leeria returned with one of her own. Proving to be far more adequate a fencer than she appeared, the blue-haired daughter turned the ranger’s blade and struck again, driving her back towards the roots that yet waived and snapped in the air, desperately seeking flesh about which to curl.

Initially taken aback by the ranger’s, and in turn their sister’s, ferocity, the blonde and lilac nymphs recovered quickly and moved to aid their kin. Closing her eyes, the daughter with golden locks rose from the pool, her body infused with an amber light as she began to hover. In response, the great oak above the pool began to creak and groan, its branches shifting, its leaves rustling as it responded to the telekinetic intrusions of the floating sister. 

Seeing this, and rightly perceiving the potentially greater threat, Lex urged Diglo towards the hovering nymph, her rapier primed to strike. Out of the corner of her eye, however, the Fey woman saw the lilac sister turn towards her and extend a hand. Immediately, she altered her course, careening away and not a moment too soon for, as soon as she did, small seeds wreathed in lilac flames began erupting from the nymph’s palm and launching themselves up at her, the initial volley barely missing Diglo’s stomach.

As Lex and Diglo deftly avoided the lilac sister’s missiles, Leeria herself was fighting hard to avoid both her own foe’s blade, as well as the lashing roots that continuously sought to ensnare her. She was aware as she fought that the sapphire sister ever held the wooden phallus in her off hand, using it occasionally to deflect one of the ranger’s strikes, its surface remaining unblemished despite its repeated collisions with her blade.

“You come unbidden!” Her opponent cried. “Of you this forest shall be ridden!”

“Just shut up and let me kill you!” Leeria replied, parrying and slicing a root in twain in a single motion.

“Your blood shall be ours, a feast for our flowers!”

“SHUT!” Leeria parried her next attack.

“THE!” She kicked out, catching the nymph in the midriff.

“FUCK!” She turned her blade wide.


As she screamed the last word she reversed the direction of her blade, bringing it down savagely upon the daughter’s extended arm, her blade biting cleaning through flesh and bone, severing the limb, the hand which held her reappropriated blade, as well as most of her opponent’s forearm, thudding softly onto the carpet of grass beneath them.

Breathing heavily but evenly, the ranger lifted her sword to the ready once more as the nymph observed the damage that had been wrought upon her, lilac missiles launched towards the fiercely evading Lex and Diglo filling the space behind her, the amber glow of her hovering sister haloing her.

Fully expecting her foe to retreat, if not disintegrate as her sister had, Leeria was wholly and unwelcomingly surprised when, instead, the creature turned a wolfish grin upon her.

“You cannot beat that which is your superior by striking limbs ulterior,” the nymph chided before whipping the stump of her arm forward. Leeria had a brief glimpse of a solid green, fleshy interior to her arm, similar to the innards of the stem of a healthy flower snapped in two, before from it burst a thick, knotted vine. The Ranger barely had enough wherewithal to lift her blade in an attempted parry before the vine struck her, knocking her weapon from her grasp and striking her chest with enough force to send her sailing back. Right into the midst of the grasping roots.   

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