Part Five: Ensnared

NSFW Warning: Strong Sexual Content including scenes of restraint and mind-control as well as depictions of fantasy violence

Disclaimer: I do not own the cover image.

*Here follows part five of the Forest Mother Saga. Please go back and read parts one through four located under the “Forest Mother Saga” tab on the right sidebar, or at the bottom of the page if you’re reading on the mobile version. Otherwise, though I hope you still enjoy this part, it will most likely make little sense. Also, I have placed a link to my Buy Me A Coffee page on the main page as well as here: If you are able to make an offering to this fevered mind of mine it would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy!*

Groaning, Leeria came slowly back to consciousness, lifting with some difficulty her head from where it lolled against her shoulder. As her eyes cracked open, she became dimly aware that her feet no longer touched the glades grasses and that something bound each of her arms tightly, pulling them wide away from her torso. With an alarmed cry, she came fully to her senses, tugging vainly against her restraints and casting her gaze wildly about her.

As things came into focus, she saw that near at hand the Sapphire Sister yet lurked, her back currently toward her, though she had half turned at the Ranger’s shout and graced her with a triumphant smirk. In the hand that was still attached to her body she still held the wooden phallus. Some feet away, her other arm, that which Leeria had severed, lay upon the grass, the Ranger’s blade still clenched tightly in its fist. From the stump of where the arm had been cut from her now grew a long, tendril-like vine, corded and knotted like muscle and ending in a tip the creature seemingly was able to control as it curled in on itself as she turned fully to face her victim. 

“Poor little flower, trapt in my bower,” she cooded, running the smooth head of the phallus against her lips as she sashayed towards the helpless Ranger. 

Leeria cursed, straining harder against her bonds but it was no use, the sister’s summoned vines held her fast.

“Makes me giggle to watch her wiggle,” the Lilac Nymph simpered, coming up behind her blue-haired sister and draping her arms about her kinswoman’s shoulders. “Use the tool to make her mewl!”

As the two prowled beneath her risen state, Leeria saw their blonde sister descend back to the ground, the aurora surrounding her dissipating as her bare feet sunk into the glade’s grasses.

“She is mother’s,” she bade her sisters in a warning tone. “We should not bother.”

“She slew our sister, do not dismiss her!” The pink-haired nymph hissed.

“Just a taste shall clear the slate,” the blue-haired one insisted, her predatory gaze never having left Leeria’s face.

Looking down, the Ranger dismayed. It would seem as though her struggle with the vines had left her barely clothed. What material remained hung off of her in rags, leaving little of her body to the imagination. Spying her lost blade near the base of the leftmost vine, she cast her gaze about desperately for Lex and Diglo. Hopefully they yet lived. If she could somehow locate them and get them to lift her blade to her she could free herself. 

The Fey and her mount were nowhere to be seen, however, though she did not spy their bodies anywhere within the glade. If they hadn’t completely abandoned her there may yet be hope of a rescue.

“I cannot rely on that!” She mentally berratted herself. There was only one option then, she realized with a sinking feeling. Play the sister’s game long enough that they let down their guard. She knew what they wanted and, though she was loathe to do it, she resolved herself to her course.

Closing her eyes, she summoned back the desperate desires she had so furiously sought to keep at bay since that first night at the Weeping Willow Inn. Without hesitation, they came to her, far faster and stronger than she had anticipated. As they crashed upon her she moaned audibly and uncontrollably. 

“What is this? She grinds her hips?” She heard the Lilac Sister coo, distant over the roar of pure lust that hammered in her head. 

“The mother’s boon, she’ll be hers soon,” the blonde replied.

“Not without my taste,” the Sapphire Sister insisted. “I will not allow this chance to waste.”

As the nymph spoke, Leeria felt thick cords wrap themselves around either of her ankles. With savage jerks, her legs were spread wide. Despite the roughness of the action it elicited naught within the Ranger but ecstasy and she moaned anew, her head lolling and eyes rolling at the waves now crashing within her skull. Barely was she aware of the drool running down her chin, or the rough scraping of additional vines that stripped the remainder of her clothing from her.

“She is willing, ripe for the filling,” there was a note of awe in the Lilac Sister’s voice as she watched, her fingernails digging into her sister’s shoulders, causing the blue-haired nymph to bite her lip in anticipation.

“Use the phallus, full of malice!” The pink and blonde sisters chanted in unison, all three now fully enraptured by the sight of the naked Ranger.

Lifting her vine-like arm, the sapphire sister controlled the Ranger’s bindings to lower her, bringing her almost lovingly back to the earth, twisting and contorting her form so that when she landed it was on her knees before the blue-haired nymph.

“Oh so fierce, I shall taste your tears,” the sapphire nymph murmured, her eyelids heavy as she stalked closer, lowering herself so that she was face-to-face with her captured foe. 

“Oh so tender,” she stroked Leeria’s cheek with her vine appendage. “Your screams I’ll render.”

These words were spoken low and husky, almost lovingly. Her eyes, however, remained aflame with malice. 

Her lips hovering just out of reach of the Ranger’s own, she lowered her hand bearing the wooden phallus, dragging its swollen tip across one of Leeria’s breasts, tracing a nipple before descending down across her ribs and belly. 

“Shhhhh,” she whispered, her breathe hot on the Ranger’s lips, the tendril tip of her macabre limb elongating to snake across Leeria’s flushed cheek, part her lips and creep into her mouth.

Wherever the nymph touched her, Leeria’s flesh burned and her ache increased. She found herself fastening her lips about the vine as though it were a cock, suckling it, running her tongue across its rough surface even as she felt the wooden phallus part the lips of her pussy.

She strained anew against her bonds but she no longer sought freedom. She wanted, needed to feel the nymph’s skin beneath her fingers, feel her lips against her own, their breath and saliva mingling, their spirits combining.

She arched her back and cried aloud, at least so much as the vine in her mouth would allow, as the Sapphire Sister pushed the wooden phallus into her at an aggravatingly slow pace. Inch by inch it went in, more and more, impossibly long and thick, straining the confines of her sex before easing, retreating, then filling her anew. It was the most exquisite feeling the Ranger had ever experienced, more satisfying than any lover with whom she had ever lain.

“The meal is not for me to steal,” the nymph crooned against the Ranger’s throat. “To but make you cum shall be my crumb.”

“No,” Leeria moaned. “Take it all, I am yours, fill me…”

The Sappire Sister gasped at her words, pressing her body closer against the Ranger as her sister’s too descended, their warm flesh pressing against Leeria from every side.

“Oh yes why not,” the blue-haired nymph whimpered against her chest, her lips encircling one of Leeria’s nipples. “After all you are ready for the pot.”

“Give her the seed and let us feed!” One of the other sisters moaned into her left ear. “Release the bond, she is our pawn.”

Not long after these words were uttered, Leeria felt the vines about her wrists loosen, then unravel completely. Immediately, she wrapped her arms about the head of sapphire hair pressed against her breast, breathing deeply the earthen scent of the silken locks. 

Far in the back of her mind, a small voice cried out for her to make for the sword but it was distant and the pleasure near. All too real for her was that which caressed and filled her and any thought of harm so displaced it might as well have been a fantasy. 

“Oh that with a shine, it shall be mine.”

Through her lust-addled haze Leeria was dimly aware of the Lilac Sister reaching over her to grasp something nestled between her breasts, close beside her sister’s tongue that was then lapping the beads of sweat running down the Ranger’s chest. Immediately as her fingers encircled the object, the nymph let out a horrific wail that echoed throughout the glade around them and through the forests beyond, thoroughly shocking the Ranger from her trance-like state.

The smell of burning timber filled the air and the Lilac Sister fell away, her sisters recoiling in unison, their shocked gazed locked upon the writhing form of their sister upon the grass. 

Reeling herself, Leeria tumbled sideways, her steadying hand falling upon the cool hilt of her shortsword as she sought to break her fall. 

Glancing up, she locked eyes with the sapphire-haired sister. A moment of realization that the Ranger was no longer under their spell passed between them and the nymph’s features contorted horribly.

“Had a locket in your pocket!” The creature hissed, lurching forwards, her vine-like arm raised to strike.

“For the Forest!” The shrill battlecry gave the nymph pause and she twisted to behold Lex astride Diglo barrelling down on her, the Fey’s rapier aloft, reflecting the dying rays of the setting sun. Before anyone could react, the diminutive woman streaked by the nymph who let out an unearthly shriek for the small woman had left her blade protruding from her eye.

Grabbing up her sword, Leeria lunged at the blonde sister who stood dumbfounded, her eyes locked in horror upon the fast-shriveling remnants of her lilac-haired sister. Slowly, she lifted her eyes to meet the Ranger’s fierce gaze, just as the woman plunged her blade hilt-deep between her voluptuous breasts. For an instant her dumbfounded look remained, thick tears of sap exuding from her eyes, before she too let loose a hellish wail, her body disintegrating into motes of golden light and drifting away across the glade.

Whirling, Leeria brought her sword to bear against the final sister, only to be met with an empty, darkening glade.

“She fled,” Lex piped, bringing Diglo to hovor near the Ranger’s ear, causing her to jump.

“Fucking hells, Lex, what took you so long?” She fumed, jabbing her blade into the soft earth and collapsing to her haunches, taking measured breathes in an attempt to bring her racing heart and pulsating desires back under some semblance of her own control.

“I couldn’t face ‘em alone,” the Fey woman replied defensively. “You held your own well enough though. Great move by the way, distracting them like you did. How did you…”

But Leeria was no longer listening. Her gaze had been drawn to the glade’s far end where the deepening shadows seemed to part between the encircling trees, a soft green light becoming her forward.

“Come to me, child,” a voice she recognized as the Forest Mother crooned. Whether it came to her ears or within her mind she knew not, all she knew was that it was undeniable.

Snatching up her blade, she stumbled towards the light, her step unsteady but her gaze fixed.

“Hey! Ranger! Where are you going!?” Lex cried after her but the Fey woman’s words fell on deaf ears for on the woman strode, her steps becoming more and more sure until she was almost running, past the trunks of the encircling trees and into the deeper reaches beyond.

“She needs help Diglo,” Lex despaired, stroking her mount’s neck. “But armed with not but my wits I’d be more detriment than boon. Come,” she urged the Fearie Dragon towards the treeline opposite of where the Ranger had disappeared. “If it’s help she needs it’s help we’ll find!”

As the glade was abandoned, what remained of the Lilac Sister’s raised hand crumbled, allowing a small medallion depicting the image of interlocking rings set before a moon rising from behind a cloud to fall among the glade’s soft grasses.

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