Part Three: A Curious Sort of Guide

NSFW Warning: Strong Sexual Content and Innuendo

Disclaimer: I do not own the cover image.

* This is the third part of the Forest Mother Saga tale. To read parts one and two, visit the corresponding tab on the sidebar on the main page. Otherwise, none of this will make sense, though I do hope that it is still enjoyable. Thank you! *

Padding lightly between the wide-spaced trunks of the trees comprising the forest’s edge, Leeria wound her way towards the wood’s deeper reaches. She did not fully know in what direction she should journey but she was sure the Forest Mother would guide her to her. This knowledge, combined with the throbbing, unrelenting need between her legs, firmly set the Ranger outside of her comfort zone. Generally, her ilk relied on ambush tactics as they were, more often than not, confronted by foes whose numbers, or sizes, greatly outweighed their own. It was for this reason that many in her Guild chose to travel in pairs rather than alone. To confront an enemy that might very well be her superior, and who knew she was coming, was not something Leeria was accustomed to, or comfortable with. Charging a foe head on was the realm of warriors, not Rangers. As such, as she made her way deeper and deeper into the woods, she focused her thoughts on devising a plan in which she might come out on top in the coming struggle.

It did not take long for the trees to begin to grow closer together, as well as the foliage to become thicker. While this would give most folk pause, it invigorated the Ranger. No where was she more at home then when she was sneaking through the underbrush of an overgrown wood. Shortening her stride, she fell into a half-crouch, slinking through the maze of ferns and ficus as a fox or wolf might. Her vision limited, she focused on her ears and nose to warn her of danger as she delved deeper and deeper into the forest.

By the time the sun was at its zenith, high above the treetops, whose leafy canopies blocked much of its light from reaching her upon its floor, she came upon a small stream of fresh, clear mountain water. The crystal water bubbled up from a jumbled pile of moss-covered stones, splashing among them before flowing freely through a wide divot in the forest floor. 

Scanning her surroundings first to ensure no other creature sought the nourishing fountain, Leeria knelt beside the pile of stones and, cupping her hands, began to drink deeply of the sweet waters.

“Okay, okay, Diglo, not so rough, let me off so that we might do this with a tad more dignity will you?”

The small voice caught the Ranger’s ear and she immediately spun from the spring, laying a light hand upon the handle of one of her shortswords as she did. There was no one near at hand that she could see but a soft swaying of a nearby branch caught her eye. Staying at a low crouch, she crept forward, careful to remain hidden amongst the foliage as she sought to spy who it was that had spoken.

Pushing the large leaf of a nearby fern aside, she saw, perched upon the low-hanging branch a short ways above and before her, was a curious creature bearing the size and shape of a dragon and yet whose hide consisted of fur, feather and scale. About the size of a fox, the creature was instantly nuzzling the chest of a diminutive woman who had seemingly just slid from the saddle set between its wings.

As strange as the dragon creature was, the woman was an entirely different matter. Standing at about six inches ( fifteen centimeters ) she had a shock of spikey, violet hair rising from her scalp, as well as a pointed, mischievous face. Her eyes were large, dominating her features, and were a deep amber in color, while her skin was the hue of a budding lavender flower. Her clothing consisted of a patchwork of hide and leaf, expertly woven together to form a tight jerkin, which offered a healthy view of her cleavage, a cleavage against which her dragon mount was current nuzzling, as well as a short skirt, cut in such a way that almost the entirety of one of her legs was exposed. An instrument resembling a lute was slung upon her back and at her waist she wore a long, needle-like rapier, as well as a number of tiny throwing knives.

“I know you can’t control yourself, Diglo,” the small woman protested, gasping slightly as the creature’s tongue snaked beneath her jerkin. “But try and hold off for just another moment.”

Succeeding in pushing the dragon’s head, as well as its long, forked tongue, from her bosom, the woman moved to crouch at his side. It was only then that Leeria noticed the long, wormlike, purple appendage growing from a sheath of scales between his hind legs. 

Taking a knee, the woman reached down and grasped what could only be the dragon’s penis, firmly in her hand. In response, the creature arched its long neck and purred like a kitten, its tongue lolling as its rider began to stroke its member. 

Unable to avert her gaze, Leeria watched as the small woman, her tongue protruding from the corner of her mouth, her eyes narrowed in concentration, deftly jerked the dragon off. She performed the act as though this wasn’t the first time she had had to do so and was, seemingly, quite adept at it as, in no time at all, the beast let loose a long, gurgled growl. To the Ranger’s further surprise, the woman ducked her head beneath the dragon and fastened her lips about the head of its cock, just as it bagan pulsating. Without complaint, the rider gulped down her mount’s semen and seemed to all the world as though she thoroughly enjoyed it, her eyes closed, a look of bliss on her tiny features. 

Finally, after what seemed like a drawn out eternity for the Ranger, the woman withdrew, wiping her chin clean of the thick, purple, slightly iridescent spunk her dragon had just filled her belly with. Falling down on her haunches, the woman caught her breath, whilst her dragon mewled contentedly, flopping down upon the branch beside her.

As she had been somewhat mesmerized by the scene unfolding before her, Leeria only just then realized that her own hand had slipped within her trousers as she had watched, and that she was already knuckle-deep with two fingers inside herself. She was soaking wet down there, something not at all surprising given the Forest Mother’s intrusions of her mind. The fact that she had begun masturbating, however, without even realizing it, concerned her greatly, and she quickly retracted her hand from its unbidden task, an act that brought a wave of disappointment and unfulfilled need over her. Forcing this down, she looked up once more to see that the small woman and her strange mount hadn’t noticed her movement and still lounged idly on the branch.

Deciding that the woman, despite her proclivities, could prove an asset in directing her to her quarry, the Ranger rose from her hiding place and strode boldly into the open. 

Catching sight of her immediately, the diminutive rider whirled, drawing her blade as she did and menacing Leeria with it. Behind her, her dragon perked, appearing more curious than cautious. 

“Whoa there,” Leeria said, lifting her hands to show that they were empty. “I mean you no harm. I simply wish to gain my bearings and seek your knowledge of this forest.”

Arching a needle-like brow, the small woman lowered her blade but a fraction.

“We don’t get travellers here,” she stated bluntly, her voice high-pitched, yet unobtrusive to the ears. “What’s your purpose here?”

“I seek a spirit who has reached out to me from these woods,” Leeria replied, seeing no point in lying. “She summons me to her side but I fear that her desires may not be as benign as she wishes me to believe, and that she might lure others to her if I do not stop her.”

The small woman raised her brows to the Ranger’s words. 

“You’re a Ranger aren’t you?” She piped.

At Leeria’s nod, she sheathed her blade with a fencer’s flourish and offered a shallow bow.

“Then perhaps I may be of aid to you,” she said. “Lexhalla Vendrianna Shell at your service, call me Lex for short.”

A bemused smirk playing about the corners of her mouth, Leeria offered her own bow in response. 

“And you may call me Leeria,” she said. “I am of the Sisterhood of the Rising Moon and I greatly appreciate your offered service.”

Lex beamed.

“I’ve never met a Ranger before,” she said, “this here’s Diglo, he’s a…”

“Very horny Fey Dragon?” Leeria asked innocently.

Immediately Lex’s cheeks turned a darker shade of purple.

“So you saw that did you?”

“I did, can’t say I’ve ever seen someone give a Fey Dragon a blowjob before, not that I’m judging by any means.”

“Well you shouldn’t,” Lex’s tone was reproachful. “Fey Dragon spunk is very nutritious and invigorating, does wonders for the skin. Plus, me giving Diglo a handy isn’t the same as you doing so for your horse, he’s sentient you see, not to mention a far more considerate lover than any male Fey I’ve ever laid with.”

Realizing what she had just admitted to, she blushed even harder, averting her gaze whilst seemingly trying to ignore Diglo’s probing nose at her rump.

Stifling a giggle, Leeria raised her hands anew. 

“As I said before, I am not judging,” she assured the other woman. “Just out of curiosity though, are all Fey Dragons so randy with their riders?”

“No,” Lex confessed, managing to move far enough from Diglo so that he could not further inspect beneath her skirt. “He’s been like this for naught but a handful of days now, and I would assume that his being so is similar to your reasoning for entering this forest in the first place. That “spirit” that you spoke of, we know her as the Forest Mother, and while her influence has been growing for many months now, only recently has it become so aggressive. And Diglo is not the only one who is affected either. Many of the forest’s denizens have become unnaturally lustful. Used to be that it was just her daughters, and they were intolerable enough, but now there is nary a Fey for miles that isn’t asking for or offering something in the way of sexual pleasure. Even I…,” she said, her hand straying towards her loins, and which she seemingly only drew away with great difficulty, “feel the yearnings more often than not.”

“I know what you mean,” Leeria assured her. “The Forest Mother has been sending me visions, images that play unbidden in my mind and drive me to perform the most wanton acts upon myself and others.”

Lex’s features darkened.

“So her influence has stretched beyond the forest’s edge,” she said.

“Yes, which is why I must find her, and stop her, before things get too out of hand,” Leeria insisted. “Tell me more of her daughters.”

“It would be easier to show you,” was Lex’s ominous response. “They have a pool not far from here where they gather. I can lead you there, though I hate to be near them. I must warn you also, they are extensions of their mother’s will but lack her guile. They do not mask their lusts with honeyed words, and you,” she looked the Ranger up and down. “Well, let’s just say that they won’t be able to contain themselves when they see you.”

“I’m flattered,” Leeria said dryly.

“Oh don’t be, I’ve literally seen them fuck a tree. Come on I’ll take you to see them,” Lex replied brightly before hopping onto Diglo’s back. 

Having just settled in to nap, the Fey Dragon offered a reluctant growl to her movements.

“Oh hush,” she chided him. “I’ll let you fuck my ass when we get there.”

Delighted by her offer, the small dragon popped right up and took flight, whizzing off through the maze of branches, Leeria rushing to keep up, dazed by the rollercoaster this quest was turning out to be.

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