Forgive Me, My Love

How can we speak?

If to speak is to entice?

Hatred in one another,

Painfully amassed?

We torture eachother,

Unwillingly so,

Until we wallow in hatred,

Observing one-another’s throes.

These things that lie between us,

We cannot address

Without causing eachother 

Insurmountable duress

I love you so dearly

And yet am hated in kind

For that which you love me

Bypassing in line.

Forgive me my darling

For causing you pain

But please know in turn

My mind is not lame

I see that which happens

Between us in turns

I am not ignorant, blind, nor unlearnt

I am not unfeeling, drunk, nor inert.

We both struggle inwards

With feelings of loss

We both are alone

When our minds do acost

Please love me my darling

My means aren’t to offend

Forgive me my darling

And let us make amends

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