Let us Pray

Let us pray for moon-kissed darkness,

Deep-set scars, and consuming sadness,

Let us pray for candle-lit dinners,

Swift soirees, and deviant sinners,

Let us pray for they who wander,

Old-time souls who to live is to ponder,

Let us pray for those who wait,

Those who scream, and those who hate,

Let us pray for late night kisses, 

For shots taken, and near misses,

Let us pray for the tragedy,

Of innocence lost, and grief’s hegemony,

For highest highs and lowest lows,

For death’s scythe and cupids bow,

Let us pray most deeply for emotion,

Tear-shed tonic, triumph’s potion,

In the end, no matter what they say-

Take a knee and let us pray.

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