Life’s Great Delay

We must come to terms with it, life’s great delay, To live our tale, to laugh, to play To live one truth: Come what may, And face one simple fact: this too shall fade, And thus truly enjoy life’s great delay.

My Red Heart

Have you seen my red heart? Have you felt its great pain? Have you tasted its loss? Have you seen its red mane? Though I love you dearly, I fear you have not, Truly seen what beast beats, Within this chest full of loss.

Ripe, Sweet Fruit of the Vine

I love you so dearly Ripe, sweet fruit of the vine The taste of your nectar The soft curve of your thigh Let me suckle at your nature Let me be of your kind I love you so dearly The moon of my sky Transform me forever Ripe sweet fruit of the vine

A Resolve Steeled

On this day in history, June 4th, 1940, the allied forces consisting of the remnants of three French field armies, Belgium soldiers, as well as the British Expeditionary Force, completed their desperate evacuation to Britain from Dunkirk. This marked the end of the first major allied attempt to halt the German westward advance, and though … Continue reading A Resolve Steeled